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Bulgaria’s rich traditions and ancient history make it truly one of the must see destinations of the world.  For such a small country, we pride ourselves in having an extremely diverse flora and fauna, in combination with 4 full seasons. Whether you are looking for a full trip itinerary or simply a guide to assist in getting around, translation and looking out for your wellbeing, then a personal guide might be exactly what you are looking for.

What to do during your stay?



Sightseeing – immerse yourself in the rich history of this ancient land. Be it within the towns or the countryside, a crossroad between Europe and Asia, you will find the diversity of the different cultures that have left their mark truly remarkable.


Historic – As one of the oldest countries in Europe, located at a very geographically influential place and with a substantial history, you will find that Bulgaria is home of many legends and myths that have helped shape the world as we know if today.


Outdoors – Why spend your time indoors on in the city when there are so many outdoor activates to choose from. Whether your hobbies are golf, ski, water sports, hiking, bicycle or horseback riding, the beautiful countryside of Bulgaria has something for every interest.


Culinary – With influences from Europe, the Middle East and the Mediterranean, along with the presence of so many different cultures, languages and traditions, in such a small geographical area as is the Balkans, means that the Bulgarian cuisine has been able to incorporate a large host of culinary traditions.


Nightlife – Bulgaria truly has some of the most interesting nightlife in the world. With prices being a mere fraction of that in most European countries. Eating and drinking are some of the favorites pastimes of Bulgarians and you would need a lifetime to visit all the establishments that exist. This however has it’s drawback since a person without the necessary knowledge could get caught in some tourist traps. You migth need to be careful of what to drink and where.


Advantages of having a guide:

There are indeed a lot of places that can be visited during your stay in Bulgaria. Having a personal guide can be a serious advantage. Not only will you have a licensed guide to assist in exploring a new country, but you will have a driver, interpreter and local that will be able to assist in creating the most interesting experience possible. At the same time making sure that you do not waste your limited time as a tourist with any unnecessary problems that may arise from cultural differences or lack of information.

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